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Fast, Powerful and Affordable Dedicated Servers with Anti-DDoS Protection included!

CPU Model CPU Cores CPU Speed ECC Memory Storage Monthly Price
Intel Xeon D-1520 4C / 8T 2.2 GHz 32 GB 4x 2 TB SATA3 £69.99 Order Now

Available Addons

Each Dedicated Server comes with the option of standard SATA hard drives or Intel SSD disks and some NvMe PCI express drives. You also have the ability to order more backup storage up to the maximum of 10 TBs worth of storage you can connect via FTP, CIFSs or NFS. You also get get a free IPv6 subnet of /64 with your Get Web Hosting Dedicated server and the ability to order up to 256 IPv4 addresses for each UK Dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Addons
Additional IP Addresses £1.00 / month
Server Management £30.00 / month
UK dedicated server OS list

Over 65 Distributions to Install.

Get Web Hosting offer over 65 software distributions you can install on your UK Dedicated server such as Linux Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo, Fedora, SmartOS (Beta) and Microsoft Windows Server and Windows 10 Pro. As well as a large list of operating systems we also have a extensive list of hypervisors Proxmox, SolusVM, Virtualizor and VMware and Web hosting control panels such cPanel, Plesk, ISPconfig and Directadmin can be installed from our client area..

Anti DDoS Protection & Backup Storage.

Each UK Dedicated Server comes with extensive Anti DDoS Protection included and can absorb attacks up to 500Gbps and while detecting safe traffic, letting genuine users continue using your services. Get Web Hosting UK Dedicated Server Hosting also comes with 100 GB Backup storage included, letting you backup important files and configuration with the option to expand your backup storage to 10TB and can be accessed via FTP.

UK dedicated servers ddos protection
UK dedicated server control panel

Dedicated Server Control Panel.

Have complete control of your Dedicated Server services with our Control panel, one of the leading Dedicated Server Control Panels in the server hosting industry. With our Dedicated servers you can easily control your Dedicated Server via our Client Area with features such as Reinstall Operating Systems, Remote Reboot, Configure IPs, make virtual MACs, edit rDNS, view resource graphs plus install your favourite Apps and Control panels and more!.

A Fast Global Fibre Optic Network.

Get Web Hosting UK Dedicated Servers benefit from one of the largest network infrastructures in the world, giving a global network capacity of 15 Tbps. As a result of this Get Web Hosting are able to offer customers massive bandwidth and low latency and throughout the infrastructure, all links are at least doubled at every routing point. No less than two Cisco routers, each with two routing cards, physically connected to your Dedicated Server.

UK dedicated servers speed
UK dedicated server

UK Datacentre .

Get Web Hosting UK Dedicated servers are located in the Erith Datacentre, South East London, UK and is close to all popular PoPs ensuring low latency. The Erith Datacentre is a Tier 4 Certified Datacentre and is close to two electric power stations, that supply it with all of the energy required for it to run and uses FPGA technology in their anti-DDoS system to ensure maximum efficiency.

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